Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 2

Where do I even begin?  Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion air Monday evening on VH1 and what a shame. Almost immediately insults started flying around and a fight erupted between Joseline/Stevie J and several cast members.

Here’s a recap of what happened. As Stevie and Benzino started a war of words, Joseline sprung from her seat and started attacking Althea.  While security “did their best” to break up the fight, Joseline managed to get away from security and attack Tammy. Security had literally remove Stevie J, Joseline, Benzino, and Althea from the studio. The fight didn’t stop there; Joseline then attacked Mimi as they passed each other in a stairwell. I was cringing while watching the episode.

Once the producers and security were able to get things under control and taping resumed with the remaining cast members. As the host read the “We at Love & Hip Hop do not condone violence…” blah, blah, blah speech as if they didn’t know a fight would happen. The remaining cast members gave their insight as to why the fights happened. Some cast members eluded to the fact that drugs may have been a contributing factor. I was cringing while watching the episode.

As a woman and a human being I was soooo disgusted, embarrassed, shocked, mortified, and sad by the actions of these adults. Everyone from the producers to the cast members involved and VH1 for airing the footage should all be ashamed of their actions. Under no circumstance is it ever appropriate for people to put their hands on one another.

The things people do for rating. We have to do better.



  1. I too cringed during the entire show. I was very dispointed in the whole episode. It did not even look like a reunion show! Its unfortunate that all of the ATL franchises have been filled with violence this year…see RHOA reunion (Porscha). Not to say that the other franchises do not have their ratchet moments but this episode and the 2 fights on RHOA this year have taken it a step too far.


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